Lodge Trestle Board

The Green Dragon Masonic Fellowship are a “sub rosa” lodge.

If you desire to visit a stated meeting or degree please have your lodge secretary contact the secretary of the Green Dragons with your request at least thirty days in advance.  Your request will be forwarded to the Lodge Master and the members for consideration.  As a general rule degrees are conferred for the benefit of the candidate and not for the entertainment of non-lodge sidelines.  Exceptions are at the request of the candidate.

Stated Meeting lodge business is confined to lodge members.  Guests will be asked to leave the lodge room during the business session.  Entered Apprentices and Fellow Craft Masons must be in good standing and have the written permission of their lodge master and will be accompanied by a Green Dragon member.  Master Masons, as well as being in good standing, will be required to show evidence that they are allowed to travel; ei, returned their third degree proficiency    

Please contact the lodge secretary if you need clarification.


May 17: Stated Meeting

June 3: 11:30 am to 2:30 pm Civility Program presented by Most Worshipful Russell Charvonia

June 21: Stated Meeting

July 19: Stated Meeting

August 16: Stated Meeting

September 20: Stated Meeting

October 18: Stated Meeting

October 19 to 21: Grand Lodge in San Francisco

November 15: Stated Meeting

December 20: Stated Meeting